Virtual Laboratories and Interactive Courses on Physics

Conceptual Physics 2002 (Physics Course with Java Applets by Paul Hewitt)
Curso Interactivo de Física en Internet (Author: Angel Franco Garcia)
Educational Applets (University of California)
Interactive Experiments in Physicsweb
Interactive Physics and Math with Java (Author: Sergey A. Kiselev)
Java Applet and VRML Resources (CTI Physics, University of Surrey)
Java Applets and JavaScripts (Author: Ian Littlewood)
Java Applets for High School Physics Education (Author: Sadahisa Kamikawa)
Java Applets on Physics (Author: Walter Fendt)
Mark's Applets (Author: Mark Sutherland)
Multimedia Physik
NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory (Author: Fu-Kwun Hwang)
Online educational resources for Physics teachers
Physics 1 Online Course (M.Casco Associates)
Physics 2000 (University of Colorado)
Physics Experiments online (Author: James Gareth)
Physics in Action (Author: Xing Min Wang)
Physics Simulations (Missisipi State University)
Physlets, Physics Applets
Physics Applets (University of Oregon)
Simulation Library (Contemporary College Physics)
The Physics Zone
WebLab, laboratorio virtuale di fisica